Founded in 1980, Chinese Nuclear Society (CNS), affiliated the China Association of Science & Technology (CAST), is a national, academic and non-profit social organization with legal personality initiated by the "Two Bombs & One Star" meritorious scientists. It is a key part of the CAST and under the supervision and administration of the Ministry of Civil Affairs.


Brachytherapy, Robotic Radiosurgery and Artificial Intelligence plus cloud-based technology are one of the most rapidly developing areas of clinical application in recent years. With the support and advocacy of CNS and KOLs in radiotherapy nationwide, the 3th Hospital of Peking University initiates this sector, successfully elected and approved through the criteria of CNS, decided to set up "Brachytherapy & Intelligent Radiosurgery Division (BIRD) ". 

19th Sep, 2020, Organized by CNS, BIRD founding conference held in Beijing successfully by Online plus Off-line after enough preparation. During the meeting, the First Board of Management Organization was elected, this marked BIRD kick-off operation formally as a historic milestone.

Under the leadership and support of the CNS, the BIRD will be aiming to implement by App-oriented with the clinical practicality of advanced nuclear/radiotherapy technologies and products, establish an ecological radiotherapy platform focusing on application, innovation, education and research, create core value and drive from basic to high-end users, resulted as a highly respected leader in Radiotherapy Industry worldwide.