About Us

XLAB has always been involved in medical industry because of great Research department and its connections to universities and hospitals. Our first products were designed for nuclear medicine and improving healthcare in 3rd world countries. We were working hand in hand with International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in upgrading more than 150 old gamma cameras. Together with IAEA we also developed a Telemedicine Network for Latin America that enables efficient exchange and analysis of medical data between countries. Now we are concentrating on medical imaging market with our 3D Radiology Workstation and Dental Workstation products. Together with XLab’s remote desktop and collaboration tools we have a full Telemedicine product line.

XLAB Research is also involved in several national and European research projects (FP6 / FP7) working hand in hand with many research institutions, universities and research departments around the world. Our advanced medical applications are the result of extensive research and collaboration between developers, researchers, medical doctors and hospitals.