Top Runner

As an imaging CRO in Japan, Micron is going to be the “first-mover” of integrated imaging service provider.

Best Partner

Micron is going to be the “best partner” trusted by customers through valuable “proposal” and reliable “execution”.

First Choice

As a CRO for imaging clinical trials, Micron is going to be the “first option” for sponsors.


In order for Value = Vision, the set of values and attitude are of importance

  1. The aggressiveness to not be afraid of change or failure

  2. The consciousness to understand the viewpoint of clients and partners

  3. The attitude to pursue qualitative improvement with high expertise

  4. The ethics to maintain a high level of compliance

  5. The rationality and sense of responsibility toward achieving goals

Behavioral Standard

Behavioral standard = How to think and act to create value

  1. Do not be afraid of difficulties or failures, actively seek out challenges.
    Don’t be bound by stereotypes or preconceived ideas, think flexibly and act accordingly.

  2. Be humble and understand other’s position and opinion.
    Prioritize achievement for customers and partners, not for one’s own convenience.

  3. Accumulate new knowledge and experience and maximize its utilization.
    Through repeated trial and error, always pursue qualitative improvement.

  4. Judge objectively whether one’s actions do not compromise credibility.
    Identify problematic behavior, and rectify it with courage.

  5. Make a reasonable plan that will achieve the goal and adhere to it.
    In case of difficulty, take responsibility for the result, and overcome the difficulty with tenacity.