Medecom has been developing software solutions for radiology since 2000. Expert in Health IT, Medecom provides secured added-value tools, compatible with all existing and future equipments of radiology and continuously upgradable. They can either be integrated together to ease the workflow or separately installed to improve one or the other step. Medecom offers a wide range of solutions such as: - Flat panels & acquisition workstation - Multimodalities, vendor neutral diagnostic workstation with stitching functionality - Digital mammography workstation enhanced with tomosynthesis functionalities - Visualisation, printing, archiving, burning - Sharing DICOM images between sites is a Telemedecine functionality available at your finger tips with Medecom Medecom is certified ISO 13485 and our solutions are CE marked and FDA (USA) approved for mammography. Our solutions have already been distributed over 30 countries. Check out our website or contact us at for more information.