KaVo Dental Excellence - About us

This is the guiding principle of KaVo with headquarters in Biberach an der Riss, Germany. For over 100 years, our employees have been developing, manufacturing and selling high-quality products that set new market standards. KaVo has made a significant contribution to the history of dentistry with its consistent innovations.

This has made KaVo one of the international leaders in the dental industry and forms the basis for future growth. We are proud to have a great variety of patents and utility models granted in Germany and abroad.

Our core business is structured in the fields of:

  • Dental Instruments

  • Dental Equipment

  • Imaging and Diagnostics

  • Laboratory

  • Dental Education

Product highlights include our turbines, handpieces and contra-angle handpieces, diagnostics, surgical interventions, treatment units as well as the multimedia, x-ray and dental technology.


A global presence

We are worldwide with over 3,000 employees. Eighteen subsidiaries of the KaVo dental supply companies focus on the customer and ensure high customer satisfaction. A customer survey in 2009 found that 95% of our customers were satisfied.

As a global corporation, KaVo now produces in four locations. Flexibility, closeness to the customers and market-oriented products are the result.


Dental Excellence in the 21st Century

KaVo is continuously improving its processes to maintain the high quality that has been associated with the brand and the products of this well-established company from the start.

The KaVo dental supply companies will continue to provide holistic, sustainable and comprehensive solutions for dental professionals. We will work as a reliable partner and expert consultant in all aspects of dentistry now and in the future.


KaVo companies worldwide

KaVo always thinks and acts globally: Companies, production locations, presentation rooms, university equipment, dental instruments, practice equipment and dental equipment from KaVo in almost all countries worldwide.


Production locations in Biberach, Germany



This is the head office of the KaVo Group with about 580 employees. The administration and research and development are located here. The KaVo factory in Biberach manufactures the world-renowned turbines, straight and contra-angle handpieces, heads and other products.

Production locations in Warthausen, Germany



In the factory in Warthausen, about 760 employees produce treatment units, stools, lights, dental furniture and NewTech products. The technical customer service is also based there.



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