Our Mission

Providing Excellence Always

At TeraRecon, our mission is to continuously innovate ahead of market demand to provide solutions that impact clinical care across health systems.  As a partner with our customers, TeraRecon helps to establish an organization's vision and provide clear ways to accomplish it. We continue to lead the advanced visualization and artificial intelligence industries by incorporating world-class image processing tools into the next-generation of medical image viewing, interpretation, sharing, and collaboration solutions.

Our Culture

Inclusive and Empowering

TeraRecon thrives on sincere engagement both internally and externally.  Often, we solve problems by looking at them differently. As an innovator, we believe in the value of ideation and collaboration. Listening intently to each other and our customers allows us to continuously evolve, investing in ideas early to ensure that we create differentiated solutions and services. Our energetic and diverse work environment provides our employees with a greater degree of empowerment and more opportunities for professional development. Our people and our policies ensure that we foster a unique personal connection and commitment between our company and its customers.