About Us

In 1998. Canon launched the CXD I Series, a digital X-ray imaging system incorporating LANMIT (Large Area New-MIS Sensor and TFT) proprietary X-ray image sensor technology.

Since then, as a leading company in the field of X-ray diagnostics. Canon Inc. has expanded its product lineup to meet diverse needs. Canon's flat panel detectors are sold through many partners around the world, and the cumulative sales has exceeded 55K units*, which the majority is sold in the Americas. We believe our products and services are well received by our partners and customers in the Americas.

As part of Canon's global strategic to expand their medical components business. "Canon Medical Components U.S.A., Inc", has been established as a new subsidiary company of Canon Inc. in the U.S. We, Canon Medical Components USA., Inc. will focus on working directly with medical equipment manufacturers. As the first step, the digital radiography components business of Canon U S.A., Inc. has been transferred to "Canon Medical Components US.A." as of July 1. 2020. This will allow us to better prepare for future business growth throughout the Americas.

We will consistently improve the quality of our products and services, to fulfill our mission to continuously contribute to health and society.

*Including sales to affiliates as of January, 2021.